Starbucks Customer Roasted by Baristas for “Nasty” Coffee Order

A Starbucks customer recently asked on Reddit about the difficulty of preparing her venti blonde vanilla latte, which she described as being “nasty.” The woman’s order was a venti blonde vanilla latte, with 10 pumps of vanilla, cold but no ice, occasionally adding a quad shot. The post went viral, with Starbucks baristas commenting on the woman’s order. Some users asked how the latte would get cold without ice, while others questioned the woman’s choice of beverage.

Some users defended the order, suggesting that adding Splenda may help reduce sugar consumption. Others defended the order as not difficult, but others argued that it was not bad at all. Some customers even suggested adding a little bit of ice to ensure the drink was cold, but that’s their personal preference.

Another Starbucks customer went viral when they destroyed the store’s display, claiming staff weren’t listening to her. The post went viral, and Starbucks baristas responded with comments on the woman’s order, expressing their frustration with the woman’s choice of beverage. The incident highlights the challenges faced by customers when trying to make decisions about their coffee orders on social media platforms.

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