Greater Cincinnati Coffee Shop That Employees Adults With Disabilities Opens Its Doors to Second Location

The Coffee Caravan is a vocation program that employs adults with special needs and advocates for their empowerment, employment, and dignity. The coffee shop, started in 2018 by co-owner and manager Mark Titmas, has expanded to a new location in Franklin inside the Kingdom Sports Center. The program aims to teach job skills and improve the lives of employees, who have shared their experiences and confidence in their abilities.

Employees learn on-the-job training skills and grow their confidence with every shift. Interacting with customers is the best part of the job, as they make coffee, work the cash register, and make customers happy. Joanna Bendel, a former Reds player, wishes more businesses would take a chance on employees like her.

The Coffee Caravan has a waitlist of employees looking to join the workforce, and Titmas aims to change the culture in their little circle. Both locations offer a wide variety of drink options and baked goods. The program’s success has led to a waitlist of employees looking to join the workforce.

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