Quentin Tarantino Opens a Coffee Shop in Los Angeles

Pam’s Coffy, a coffee shop in Los Angeles, has opened within the Quentin Tarantino-owned Vista Theater. The cafe pays homage to Jack Hill’s 1973 film “Coffy,” starring Pam Grier. Tarantino, who worked closely with Grier in “Jackie Brown,” changed the name to “Pam’s Coffy” with a more personal touch. The cafe is part of Tarantino’s initiative to rejuvenate the historic Vista Theater, which opened in 1923 and experienced a hiatus in 2020. The grand reopening in November 2023, featuring a screening of “True Romance,” showcases Tarantino’s dedication to preserving film heritage and fostering community spaces in Los Angeles. Pam’s Coffy offers a selection of coffee blends, including a custom blend curated by Tarantino himself, crafted by Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena.

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