Prairie Farms Introduces New Single Serve Iced Coffee

Prairie Farms is expanding its ready-to-drink coffee market with two new single-serve options in Mocha and Caramel flavors. The introduction was inspired by the success of the company’s iced coffee, which has been sold in half-gallon cartons since 2013. The company’s award-winning single-serve milk lineup has consistently positioned Prairie Farms as the market leader for many years. The company’s Barista Style Iced Coffee in 14-ounce bottles is a convenient and affordable option for on-the-go consumers seeking an energy boost or a delightful drink. The products will be available in thousands of convenience stores throughout America’s heartland and beyond, as well as a strong presence in grocery and mass merchandiser outlets. The single-serve iced coffee will be a game changer in the category, and with one of America’s biggest sporting events just days away, the timing could not be better to introduce the company’s newest MVPs as part of its 10 Days of Super Prizes multifaceted campaign.

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