Silvercup Coffee Roasters Grinding On


We’ve all seen movies where someone leaves a complex and/or well-paying profession to chase their true passion.

Andy Waters, co-owner and operator of SilverCup Coffee Roasters in Kellogg, is a real life example of such a person.

In 2014, the Shoshone News-Press announced to the community that the Silver Valley had its very own coffee roasting company thanks to Waters and his wife, Meghan.

The couple moved to Shoshone County in 2011 after living in Flagstaff, Ariz., for 2-3 years.

In Flagstaff, Waters worked as a biochemist with a nonprofit biotech company. It was during his time there that he developed into a bit of a “coffee snob.”

“The company that I worked for sourced coffee from the local roaster,” he said. “So that was my first experience with fresh coffee and I learned that it made a big difference.

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