Megan’s Coffee Corner Closing At The End Of Feb., Will Be Replaced By Starbucks In The Summer


Megan’s Coffee Corner closed Saturday, Feb. 29, marking a decade in Bellevue. The coffee hut, which boasts two drive-thru and one walk-up window, will be replaced by a drive-thru only Starbucks.

If you ask locals, they’ll tell you they are happy to have a Starbucks in the neighborhood, just like the one inside the Safeway about 500 feet from where Megan’s Coffee Corner sits. Or the Starbucks less than a mile away on 156th Avenue Southeast. What locals are not happy about is Starbucks adding another location by supplanting a local coffee stand.

The coffee stand originally opened under different ownership, in 1995. Megan Stoa, who started working at the coffee stand in 2001 and bought it in 2010, said she was disappointed to close down the shop, especially since it would be replaced by a corporate chain.

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