Martin Coffee House Owner Speaks About Light Controversy


MARTIN, Tenn. — John Sellers, owner of the Martin Coffee House, says he is being forced to shut his lights off, which are essential for his business.

He says many people from the Martin community agree.

“It’s been two years. Why after two years?” Sellers said.

Sellers says he received a letter on January 22 saying to take the lights down off of his store. The letter, sent from the Martin Historic Commission, states the lights are unhistorical.

“It’s a new library being built. How is that historic? Half the town is non-historic, but now all of a sudden our lights, after two years, are no longer historic,” Sellers said.

The historic zoning guidelines state a Certificate of Appropriateness needs to be submitted before any changes are made to the building.

Sellers says his lights were already up when he sent the COA.

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