This St. Patrick’s Day, You Can Try Coffee Infused With Irish Whiskey


The coffee:Fire Dept. Coffee Irish Whiskey-Infused Coffee, $19.99 for 14-oz. bag of beans.

The back story: St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon — and that leads us to thinking of Irish whiskey. But what about such whiskey in coffee form?

Fire Dept. Coffee, an Illinois-based company run by firefighters with a passion for java, has such an offering, introduced a few months ago. It came about through a partnership with Egan’s Irish Whiskey, a spirits brand that dates back to the 19th Century and was revived in 2015. As Jonathan Egan of the whiskey label explains, he was connected with Fire Dept. through a fan of the coffee and then met with Fire Dept. founder Luke Schneider over a couple of glasses of Irish whiskey (Egan’s, of course). “That was the start of it all,” says Schneider.

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