This New Kahwa Coffee Location Will Be Different From The Others


It’s a trend in the restaurant world: Vendors turning to shipping containers to house their food or drink businesses. Most notably in this area, there’s an entire food hall in Tampa composed of shipping container restaurants. A new food hall in Lakeland also employs shipping containers.

And now one of Tampa Bay’s homegrown coffee purveyors is doing the same thing. Kahwa Coffee has announced its newest location will be comprised of three reclaimed shipping containers in St. Petersburg.

“We hope this new concept will inspire the community to look into ways of reducing their carbon footprint,” said Raphael Perrier, co-owner of Kahwa Coffee, in a statement. “For us, this was a great opportunity to do just that for Kahwa. Shipping containers are not only fun and cost-effective, but they are a fantastic alternative to a new build, making them extremely eco-friendly.”

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