Starbucks Tests Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups


Starbucks is brewing up more sustainable coffee cups.

The coffee giant began using a more environmentally friendly paper cup on Monday at select cafes in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver and London.

The compostable cup is made of biodegradable materials instead of a plastic liner used to avoid leakage. The new cups will also be easier to recycle.

Packaging comprises more than half of the Seattle-based chain’s waste output annually. Starbucks said it aims to reduce that amount by half in the next decade.
More companies are prioritizing waste-free packaging with some giving customers an incentive for bringing their own reusable containers. Just Salad, the fast-casual chain that serves salads, wraps and grain bowls, said it saw a 38 percent increase in reusable bowl purchases last year, with 25 percent of guests already using a reusable bowl when visiting the chain. It had a promotion last spring that gave free toppings to users who bought their own salad bowl.

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