Grind City Coffee Xpo: What To expect At This Year’s Event


Grind. Sip. Repeat. It’s a mantra that coffee aficionados know well.

It’s also the hashtag for the second annual Grind City Coffee Xpo that’s happening Saturday.

This event is focused on celebrating the exploding Memphis coffee culture. From roasters to shops, the expo is meant to show Memphians all the great coffee options available by bringing the very best of the region’s coffee community together under one roof.

During the day-long expo, attendees can sample various brewing and roasting methods, as well as attend demos and panel discussions on the art of brewing the perfect cup of joe.

“My favorite part of last year’s event were the live demos by the Memphis Coffee Community,” attendee Katee Forbis said. “Everyone was so knowledgeable and really made the demos interesting and informative.”

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