Cuvee Coffee Debuts New Nitro Cold-Brew Flavors — Including Banana


The Austin-based coffee brand Cuvée made waves years ago by becoming the first company to can nitro cold-brew. Since then, in addition to the original black coffee offering, Cuvée has released other flavors in that line such as hemp oil and horchata.

But the lineup is expanding in a big way this month with the launch of four new nitro cold-brew flavors — and one of them might come across as very unexpected. All in cans, the flavors are vanilla, mocha, banana and lemon ginger. Each one has a creamy texture, 80 calories and no dairy ingredients.

The vanilla in particular is likely to be popular, given that it’s “modeled after the best-selling cold brew drink at Cuvée Coffee Bar, the Texas Teddy,” according to a news release. Cuvée opened a coffee shop on East Sixth Street in 2014 that, in addition to serving a variety of caffeinated drinks, serves up craft beer, too.

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