Hostess’s New Iced Lattes Come In Flavors Like Twinkie And Honey Bun So You Can Have Coffee For Breakfast Or Dessert


Tired of your morning cup of coffee? Hostess is coming to the rescue. The snack cake giant is releasing iced lattes flavored by Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Bun, and Sno Balls. Mornings just got a whole lot sweeter.

Each latte comes in a ready-to-drink bottle, so there’s no prep work involved. Every flavor is inspired by the actual cakes, meaning the Twinkie beverage has a golden sponge cake flavor, the Ding Dong one is chocolate with hints of vanilla, the Honey Bun has a sweet honey flavor, and the Sno Balls drink is a mix of coconut and chocolate cake.

It’s safe to say these drinks would pair flawlessly with the actual snack cakes, but if you want the taste of one of the treats without the crumbs and sticky fingers, drinking one of these alone is a great alternative as well.

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