6 Ways To Dress Up Your Home-Brewed Coffee

From: southernliving.com

I spend a lot of time at coffeeshops. When I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, I spent all of my early weekends hopping between cafés, determined to track down the city’s best cup of coffee; now, whenever I visit a new city, I make it my personal mission to go to a different coffeeshop each morning. A few well-worn couches, a cast of regulars, and a cup of coffee can really clue you into the personality of a place, sometimes more effectively than any official tour or landmark. For me, coffeeshops brew a distinct form of comfort.

In the last few weeks, while I’ve eased into a home quarantine, I’ve pressed pause on my ritualistic weekend coffeeshop visits. Searching for some stability amidst all the current chaos, I shifted my mission closer to the source: I’d learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee. In times like this, we all find a little peace in our own, unique way.

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