Post-Break-In, Community Rallies Around Gratitude Coffee


Jenny Hackney is doing okay amid the crazy of the past several weeks, she tells me.

“I have a product that people can’t live without,” the College Park barista jokes, “but more importantly, this neighborhood is amazing about wrapping people up in love and support.”

That’s precisely what happened last Saturday, after Hackney — balancing a tray of pastries in one hand — unlocked the back door of her small shop on Edgewater Drive to disarray.

“It looked like a wild animal had been through it,” she says. “And it smelled bad.”

She didn’t go in.

“I just stepped away, took a deep breath, set the pastries on a fence and walked to the front of the shop.”

She sat down and dialed 911. Once police showed and made sure the shop was secure, the paperwork began, along with assessing damage and loss.

The perp was as much vandal as thief, dumping out a gallon of vanilla syrup amid rifling for valuables, along with five gallons of “stinky, gross, waste water,” says Hackney.

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