Coffee Talk Is About The Mundane Calm Of Serving Coffee To An Anxious Werewolf


Sometimes, life can lack routine and structure, and that can be pretty exhausting. Perhaps you’ve got a bunch of extra work projects on the go, or you might have lots of family obligations to juggle, or perhaps a non-specific illness has caused you to spend a couple of weeks at home away from your usual daily routine. Whatever the reason, sometimes a pleasant and comfortable slice of the mundane can be an important oasis away from the chaos of the real world.

Recently, this is what the video game Coffee Talk has become for me: a pleasantly abstract take on the mundane joys of everyday life, viewed through a fantasy lens.

Coffee Talk is a visual novel video game in which players run a coffee shop in a modern-day fantasy Seattle. The town is exactly as you would expect it today in the real world, except that vampires, werewolves, elves, and cat people roam the streets alongside the human population.

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