A Virtual Coffee Festival Is Happening This Weekend

From: timeout.com

It’s weird the things you miss in isolation. You’re probably loath to admit you are ‘a coffee person’, because that generally translates as ‘somebody who substitutes their personality for comments about arabica beans’. But if you work and commute in London, chances are, you are a coffee person. You arrive at the same spot each morning with that lil’ KeepCup, your eyes half-open, and wait for the kind person behind the counter to fill your receptacle with hot brown liquid so that the day can begin. It’s a ritual. And you probably miss it.

The more extreme ‘coffee people’ of the world go to festivals dedicated to the beans and blends, except these have all been cancelled. To try and salvage something for that hyper-caffeinated community, someone has gone and launched a virtual coffee festival – a world first, according to the organisers.

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