A Coffee Program Supporting Local Coffee Roasters Through the Pandemic-Era

My Coffee Marketplace (MCM) is revolutionising the coffee industry one cup at a time. Numerous coffee subscription companies were founded during the pandemic era, but none have risen to the level of MCM. They’ve been compared to the offspring of a coffee subscription service and Rakuten.

When the pandemic struck, many smaller coffee roasters were forced to close or were on the verge of closing due to the immediate cessation of their wholesale business (which accounted for between 70% and 80% of their revenue). Brandon Greenspoon, Founder of MCM, was heartbroken to witness the pandemic’s devastation, which inspired him to act. Brandon recognised that with more people working from home as a result of the pandemic, there was a massive opportunity to encourage coffee drinkers to support small business roasters rather than the typical large commercial brands.

With the natural growth of online shopping, Brandon interviewed hundreds of coffee roasters and coffee drinkers to ascertain their preferences for existing online coffee marketplaces or third-party subscription programmes. It was critical to him that he created a programme that truly benefited both coffee roasters and consumers. My Coffee Marketplace was born from there!

MCM’s mission is to support independent coffee roasters by providing an online programme that encourages and directs coffee drinkers to their websites with the intent to purchase.

MCM offers exclusive coffee deals from some of the world’s best coffee roasters. They encourage members to sample and experience some of the finest coffee available while also saving money on their purchases. MCM members save an average of $120 per year on coffee.

MCM serves as a programme that assists coffee roasters in increasing online sales while maintaining “business as usual.” The programme addresses five critical issues that coffee roasters face when dealing with other subscription businesses: branding, quality assurance, fulfilment, data & insights, and profitability.

Since its inception in October 2020, the programme has grown rapidly, and is approaching its 4000th member. MCM has partnered with over 100 coffee roasters in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and the company intends to continue expanding globally in the coming months.

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