‘Diverse group of coffee nerds’ open Old Louisville Coffee Co-op, a late-night coffee shop

Where can you meet up with friends late in the evening near downtown if you don’t want the focus to be on alcohol?

Soon, the Old Louisville Coffee Co-op will be the answer. The worker-owned shop, which is scheduled to open in early April, intends to stay open late (including 24 hours a day on weekends) and provide an inclusive space for all.

A group of friends’ passion project had been a frequent topic of conversation, according to co-op member Corey Robison. Then, a few months ago, Adrian Silbernagel made a wish on Facebook; he’d been considering opening a coffee shop in Old Louisville.

Robison leapt into the fray.

“I joked about it, saying, ‘I would do that with you,'” she explained. “And it took off from there.”

Within a few months, plans were underway and the team was formed with Silbernagel, Robison, Noa August, America Medious, and Kristina Diggs, all of whom had prior experience working as baristas or in the coffee industry.

Robison and August spoke to the Courier Journal last week about their plans and the significance of the shop’s location in Old Louisville, a neighbourhood where I live.

Corey Robison is one of the Old Louisville Coffee Co-co-owners.
Robison and August agreed that it was critical that the shop’s location, 316 W Ormsby Ave., be in Old Louisville, where several of them live.

The group hopes that by establishing a vibrant, gathering space in the neighbourhood, other businesses and investors — as well as Louisville residents in general — will recognise the Old Louisville neighborhood’s appeal.

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