Memphis coffee company Cxffee Black to release documentary, begin world tour

A unique fusion of coffee, hip hop, and Memphis is about to take the international stage, as “Cxffee Black,” a popular but relatively unknown café in Binghampton, is behind it and is releasing a documentary in advance of its launch.

“Cxffee Black to Africa” is the title of the documentary.

“It’s a love letter to Black people and coffee,” said Bartholomew Jones, who founded the coffee company with his wife.

Cxffee Black, which was profiled by FOX13 during Black History Month, is a Memphis-based coffee brand that “reintroduces the Black to coffee” by fusing coffee and hip-hop flavours to encourage investment in Black communities.

According to Jones, their most popular item is a blend called Guji Mane.

The tour’s first official stop will be in Houston in May, when the documentary will be officially screened at the “Color of Coffee” conference, bringing a taste of Jones’ unique fusion of Memphis and coffee to a global audience.

“It’s a little bit of a cypher, a little bit of coffee tasting, and a little bit of screening, so you’ll be able to taste the coffee from the farmers we met in Ethiopia,” Jones explained.

“The coffee industry is worth $200 billion. To redistribute that wealth, we must integrate our people and all points along the supply chain.”

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