The OXO compact cold brew coffee maker is a tiny powerhouse

Don’t you think that part of the joy of drinking cold brew coffee is spending the $5 to purchase it at your neighbourhood independent coffee shop? Isn’t it luxurious to drink a beverage so densely packed with ice that four sips completely empty the cup? Is it just me?

While purchasing individual cold brews each morning is one of life’s purest pleasures, I’ve come to realise that it is far from cost effective. In its place, I’ve immersed myself in the world of at-home cold brew coffee makers — specifically, the OXO compact cold brew coffee maker. Although I miss my local barista’s sunny smiles and cheerful salutations, I’m quickly growing to appreciate the weekly ritual of cold brewing at home.

I’ve experimented with other cold brew makers and even attempted a few DIY cold brew methods in the past, but I can state unequivocally that the OXO compact cold brew coffee maker is by far the best cold brew experience I’ve ever had. Despite its diminutive size, it produces a concentrate that is as smooth as it is potent. It’s simple to use, extremely compact, and most importantly, it produces a rich, flavorful cold brew concentrate that will last you the entire week.

To begin, what is the strength of the coffee?
A significant issue I’ve encountered in the past while home brewing cold brew is that the finished product lacks the caffeine kick I require first thing in the morning. After waiting 12 to 24 hours for the coffee on my countertop to brew, the last thing I want is a flabby cup of cold brew.

Fortunately, the OXO compact cold brew coffee maker produces what I consider to be a cup of pure electricity. My first cup was packed with caffeine — in fact, I was so pumped up after that first cup that I was hesitant to have another the next day.

There is no way this can go wrong!
While cold brew is not the most technically demanding method of brewing coffee — no grinding or tamping required — the ratio of grounds to water is critical to remember and adjust as you find your ideal strength level. To me, getting out measuring cups and ensuring that my brew is properly measured has always felt like a chore, so I was relieved to discover that this cold brew maker is completely foolproof.

Both the brewing container and concentrate carafe have fill lines that indicate the amount of grounds and water to add, and the perforated rainmaker top ensures that the water is distributed evenly among the grounds.

After 12 to 24 hours, simply place the brewing container on top of the carafe and allow the concentrate to drain into the carafe. A spring-loaded stopper prevents the brewing coffee from spilling out until it reaches the top of the carafe, and each brew should yield 16 ounces of coffee concentrate in total.

The brewing process was so simple that it was truly enjoyable. Simple and elegant design is the best, and the OXO compact cold brew coffee maker is so intuitive that I barely needed to think about it.

Is it truly svelte?
This is a truly compact cold brew maker. The glass carafe fits snugly in the refrigerator, measuring just slightly larger than a coffee mug, while the brewing container measures just 5 x 8.5 inches. In comparison to some of the other bulkier models on the market, this cold brew maker is sleek, compact, and requires very little counter space.

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