How to make the best cafe-style coffee at home

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee. Naturally, it’s always better when it’s prepared hot and fresh for you by an expert barista in a cafe — and we should all support our neighbourhood cafes.

However, what if you make them at home? Each time, there are ways to do it a little bit better. Watch the Today segment above to see some of the best coffee machines available and to learn what coffee joke was left. Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon are in stitches today.

To begin, familiarise yourself with your machines and select one that works for you. There are numerous options on the market; what you want to consider is your budget and the functionality of the machine.

Home espresso machines are ideal if you want to spend time determining the optimal settings, pressure, and other details for your own coffee. You can either purchase pre-ground beans or invest in a grinder to crack them fresh. This also implies that you’ll require some bench space. Apart from that, it’s entirely up to you how much money you want to spend.

Several of them are highly automated — for example, the Jura, which allows you to programme settings in advance to ensure consistency every time. Some heat your milk, while others allow you to froth your own using the accumulated steam and pressure.

Espresso Machine from Kmart, $89 — Simply put, this is an espresso shot machine in the manual style. This is the simplest starting point because it enables you to easily extract espresso and froth milk using the machine’s steam.

Sunbeam Café Espresso Coffee Machine EM5000K, $229 at Target — This is an excellent way to break into the espresso market. You must either grind your own coffee beans or purchase pre-ground beans. Once the coffee is added to the grouphead, it’s as simple as pressing a button. There are pre-programmed settings for espresso, cappuccino, and latte, as well as custom capability for manually creating your prefered coffee. It includes an integrated milk reservoir that froths and heats the milk, but does not keep it chilled. The milk is heated and dispensed first, followed by the coffee. The pressure is excellent, and the machine is simple to operate and clean.

Jura’s Z10 Jura, $4,490 — This is the automaton’s whiz. It freshly grinds your coffee for each cup and adjusts the grind to match the selected coffee style. It features both hot and cold functions, allowing you to serve your favourite coffees espresso hot or cold-drip style. It comes pre-programmed with a wide variety of coffees but is also completely customizable, allowing you to save up to 20 unique coffees with each element specified (style, temperature, grind, water ratio, milk temperature and froth temperature). It has its own rinsing programme and can be controlled via the J.O.E app on your phone. It literally takes care of everything for you.

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