Coffee Mate and Dr. Pepper Team Up for a ‘Dirty Soda’ Creamer

Coffee Mate is partnering with Dr. Pepper to create a limited-time coconut lime creamer for creating dirty soda. The fruity creamer is meant to be added to soda, specifically Dr. Pepper, and will be available at grocery stores nationwide starting in March. Dirty soda, a mocktail-esque drink popular in Utah since the 2010s, typically consists of soda mixed with creamer or half and half, flavored syrups, and lime juice. Celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Lindsay Lohan have also contributed to the trend. Coca-Cola recently introduced a Dr. Pepper competitor, Coca-Cola Spiced, the first permanent flavor introduced by the brand in three years. The fizzy beverage blends the classic taste of Coca-Cola with a burst of refreshing raspberry flavors and spiced notes. Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar is also available. The limited-edition dirty soda creamer is expected to be available at grocery stores nationwide while supplies last.

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