Dr Pepper and Coffee Mate Unveil Bold Fusion with Limited Edition Dirty Soda Creamer: Coconut Lime Delight

Coffee Mate and Dr Pepper have partnered to introduce a unique beverage inspired by the social media sensation, dirty soda. The collaboration has resulted in a new Coconut Lime flavored creamer specifically crafted to complement Dr Pepper. Users can elevate their Dr Pepper experience by pouring this innovative creamer over the soda, creating a “classic dirty soda” without the need for additional ingredients.

Nestle, the parent company of Coffee Mate, describes the beverage as a fusion of “refreshing coconut and zesty lime flavors,” catering to the authentic demand from consumers of both brands. The Coffee Mate Dirty Soda Coconut Lime creamer is currently available at grocery stores nationwide for a limited time, with each 16-oz. bottle priced at $3.29.

Leonardo Aizpuru, Vice President of Brand Marketing for the beverage division and business unit at Nestle, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that they are excited to merge the worlds of coffee creamer and soda, making it easy to make the viral Dirty Soda trend that’s taken the world by storm. Aizpuru emphasized the convenience of bringing flavor and fun directly into homes for fans of both Coffee Mate and Dr Pepper.

Dirty soda originated as a TikTok sensation, involving the combination of carbonated soda with a dash of coffee creamer, sometimes accompanied by fruits and flavored syrups. Since then, TikTok has witnessed over 700,000 mentions of #dirtysoda, solidifying its status as a viral sensation.

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