‘Excessively Hot’ Dunkin’ Coffee Burned Me, Customer Says in Lawsuit

A New Jersey resident has filed a lawsuit against a Dunkin’ in Morris County, claiming he was seriously injured when the lid of a cup of “excessively hot” coffee spilled on him. Phillip Sgroi, who bought a cup of coffee on February 11, 2022, claims the lid was not properly secured to the Styrofoam cup and the product was served at a dangerous temperature. The lawsuit claims the store sold excessively hot coffee at a temperature that exceeded the reasonable and customary standard. The lawsuit is the latest in a string of court filings against the popular franchise in New Jersey. Similar suits over hot coffee spills have been filed against Dunkin’ stores in Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Hudson, Morris, and Passaic counties. In January, a Dunkin’ customer in Florida sued the chain for $100,000 after a toilet in the store exploded, leaving him covered in feces and urine.

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