How Skoden Coffee and Tea Is Shaking Up Metro Phoenix

Skoden Coffee and Tea in Uptown Phoenix is a welcoming space that offers unique drinks and a welcoming atmosphere for people from diverse backgrounds. The shop, which has a new location within the furniture store For The People, is run by Natasha John, who describes it as a safe space for people from diverse backgrounds and a celebration of “folks that never had a voice.” Skoden’s success is attributed to collaboration and cultural appreciation. Barista Jordan Manuelito showcases culinary and artistic talent from their community, allowing collaborators like indigenous-owned Redhouse Delicates to have fun and play around with traditional flavors.

The shop’s menu and merchandise wall are examples of its continued support for artists in their community, with candles and mugs aimed at exposing smaller indigenous art to a larger audience. The shop also has a multi-generational clientele, including kids with their grandmothers and teenagers with their aunts.

Skoden’s popularity has grown exponentially since moving to Phoenix, with more than 12,000 followers on Instagram. Their team has been learning to adjust to newfound attention as they continue to advocate for causes close to their hearts, such as their support for the people of Palestine. They have exemplified their solidarity with Palestine through stickers on cups, social media posts, and coffee events in collaboration with groups like O’odham Solidarity with Palestine.

Despite facing backlash, harassment, and threats, Skoden has been able to maintain a strong presence and support from the community. When hosting a Food for Palestine event, where 30% of sales went to children in Gaza, the line was out the door the entire afternoon and they were open for hours past their closing time.

Although Skoden labels itself as an “indigenous, femme, queer” coffee shop, John says they are consistently evolving their identity as their team grows. The business is firmly anti-racist and welcomes anyone hoping to purchase a quality cup of coffee.

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