Lowell Man With Special Needs Opening Coffee Shop of His Own

Liam Doyle, a 20-year-old barista at Brody’s Be Café in Ada, has been working there for four years. The café, which employs people of all abilities, is named after him, making it feel like home. Rachel Stadt, the full-time executive director for the Be Cafés, and Liam’s part-time friend, believes that people are not all that different, but they are capable of doing what society pins on them. The café serves as a training program, allowing people of all abilities to work at the chain to learn employment and life skills. Liam is excited to have his own job and make his own money. Rachel believes that having a purpose in a coffee shop can make your morning cup more enjoyable. She believes that every community has someone with special needs, and Liam will be in Lowell. With a mug like Liam’s, no caffeine is needed, and Liam hopes everyone comes in and enjoys the best coffee.

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