Starbucks Quietly Makes Major Change to All Iced Drinks and Fans Says It Made Theirs Taste ‘Different in a Weird Way’

Starbucks is gradually replacing cubed ice machines with nugget ice machines, similar to those used at Sonic. Customers have shown a “resoundingly positive response” to the change during a test phase, with many excited about the change on social media platforms like X and Twitter. Some customers have even remarked on how the new ice made their drink different in a weird way.

However, not everyone has been a fan of the change. Starbucks customer Lisa Bert shared a picture of a large coffee with the new ice, stating that she doesn’t know how she feels about it because it made her drink different in a weird way.

The change is all about sustainability, as Starbucks plans to cut its water footprint in half by 2030. The new ice machines will use less water and will be great for water and/or refreshers, but not for coffee for some customers. Starbucks is also working on a potato cheddar and chive bake.

In summary, Starbucks is making significant changes to its iced drinks, with the introduction of nugget ice machines and a focus on sustainability.

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