This Edmonds Espresso Bar Transforms Into a Cocktail Bar Every Night

Il Viale, a small business in Edmonds, offers a unique transition from day to night. During the day, customers can enjoy Italian-style espresso drinks and Italian cocktail drinks at Bar Americano, an Italian cocktail bar. The business uses a lever machine for espresso, ensuring an old-school approach. The menu focuses on Italian-themed or inspired items, such as the shakerato, an iced coffee classic. After 4 p.m., cocktails shake on the other side of a shared wall. The signature spirit at Bar Americano is Amaro, with Fernet available on-tap. A daily ritual honoring the owner’s late mother Violet is also offered, with a complimentary half-shot of Fernet raised to Violet at 5:30 p.m. Bartender Anthony Shipway calls this ‘Violet Hour.’

The ambiance is European, but speaking Italian is not required as the menu is in English. Customers are encouraged to sit and talk, regardless of the hour. Both coffee and cocktail bars aim to cultivate a sense of community, with live music events called “Secret Shows” held on the third Thursday of each month. Both locations are open daily.

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