Cappuccino Ramen Becomes Super Popular in Japan, but Is It Worth the Hype?

Rahmen & Onigiri Eddie, a restaurant in Tokyo known for its Cappuccino Ramen, has been going viral on social media. The restaurant, which opened in Shinjuku Gyoen, has already attracted customers, even on a rainy day. The Cappuccino Ramen is a blend of frothy coffee and noodles, with the frothy topping deceiving the taste buds into expecting a milky flavor. The broth is creamy and packed with the rich, delicious flavor of porcini mushrooms.

The frothy topping acts as a vehicle for spices to melt into the creamy broth, which is packed with the rich, delicious flavor of porcini mushrooms. The broth tastes so good that it would be happy to eat it on its own, but when slurped up with thin and hard-boiled noodles, the springy texture adds excitement to the palate. The combination of broth and noodles is wonderfully rich, and the truffle oil adds an accent of flavor to keep the taste buds interested.

As the eatery specializes in both ramen and onigiri, two types of onigiri are available on the side for an additional 270 yen each. The restaurant recommends adding rice balls to your ramen order, which are delicious and filling. The Egg Yolk variety and Green Onion Chashu are perfect partners for the meal, as egg and chashu pork are often used as ramen toppings.

In conclusion, Rahmen & Onigiri Eddie is a chic meal served in equally chic surroundings, exceeding expectations and providing a laugh-filled experience. It’s recommended to visit early, especially on weekends, as the restaurant fills up quickly.

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