Jackson Vacation Rental Mogul Now Roasts Specialty Coffee By The Ton

Mekki Jaidi, a vacation rental maven from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has a unique perspective on risk-taking. He started his vacation management and rental company called Outpost in 2014, starting with his own initial unit and units for his sister, mom, and dad. Within eight months of starting the business, Jaidi had his Wyoming real estate licenses and within four years, built Jackson Hole’s largest vacation rental company by units.

Jaidi realized early on that he needed to vertically integrate his business or face a local labor crunch. Vertical integration refers to the concept of building in everything a business will need from start to end product or service. Jaidi started his own cleaning company, which would clean not only his company’s units but those of others as well. Other opportunities to vertically integrate came along, such as his friend’s catering company, Jackson Hole Provisions, which was started by two chefs who lost their jobs during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Jaidi has had a lot of fun building Outpost, but now it’s time for an entirely new focus: Snake River Roasting Co.

Jaidi has owned Snake River Roasting for a couple of years now, but he has recently taken over its management and become a lot more hands-on. He believes his brain and passion lie in growth and startup companies, and while Snake River Roasting was founded in 2007, it very much feels like a startup to him because of the changes and the growth aspect that comes with it. Outpost is now about as large as it can get in Jackson Hole, while Snake River Roasting has no real geographic border. It will always have its headquarters in Jackson, but the coffee can be sent anywhere in the world.

As part of his effort to rebrand and expand Snake River Roasting, he has opened a new cafe in Jackson Hole’s town Square at 50 W. Broadway, which features a variety of coffees from Snake River Roasting Co. alongside a menu prepared by Provisions Jackson Hole. The cafe is meant to be a symbol of his commitment to community and reflects a passion that he feels for Snake River Roasting Co. and its coffees.

Sales from Snake River’s Shopify site and through local grocery stores have increased by 100% year over year, and the roasting company is producing 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of small-batch roasted coffee for sale every week, or around 150,000 pounds per year. Jaidi has already added a few personnel to this next venture, but expects more will be added down the line as some of the “green shoots” from his new effort starts to grow.

Jaidi is looking for initial growth along the Snake River, as well as other places in Wyoming, but he is not averse to looking into places like Salt Lake City as well. He is betting that many Jackson Hole tourists will buy into a subscription that can give them a year-round connection to what is a beloved destination for millions of visitors every year.

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