Starbucks Workers Using Closed Cafe to Sew Masks


While many Starbucks remain open to serve customers via delivery and drive-throughs, stores that lack those options have closed. The location managed by Heather Staples, sits about a mile down the road from a hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts, where her wife, brother, and sister-in-law work, remains open for drive-through, but she has put the unused dining room to good use.

She heard from her brother that he was being advised to wear a bandana to work because there were not enough masks for the people who needed them.

“It’s a horrible position for medical workers to be in, and a horrible situation we’re in right now with the virus,” she said in a story published on Starbucks’ website. “I felt really helpless. I think a lot of us feel really helpless right now. So, I just thought, ‘What’s one thing that I could do right now that might make a difference?'”

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