Heine Brothers’ Baristas Threaten ‘Sick-Out’ Over Demand For Company Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

From: courier-journal.com

Baristas at Heine Brothers’ Coffee have threatened a collective sick-out until the Louisville-based coffee chain meets workers’ demands amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But baristas still showed up for work and all stores were open on Friday, said Mike Mays, Heine Brothers’ president and co-founder.

In a note sent to Heine Brothers’ leadership team Thursday afternoon, baristas requested that they are given the choice to receive more personal protective equipment and make a hazard pay, or to be temporarily “laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak” so they can file for unemployment and Medicaid benefits.

“Some of our locations have still been quite busy, with 200+ customers per day, and that number of contacts makes it almost inevitable that we will catch and spread COVID-19,” the letter reads.

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