Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds?(Yes, But Not The Way You Think)


I brew nearly 2 to 3 french press‘ worth of coffee every day. I don’t know if it’s turning into an addiction, but when I get a craving for coffee, it’s pretty strong. Needless to say, the craving is satisfied once I have some warm, comforting, rich coffee going down my throat.

All that coffee however results in quite a lot of waste – mainly coffee grounds, of course.

When I drink green tea, on the other hand, I steep the teabag in hot water for a minute, and I’m at the flavor I like – even though there is a lot of flavor still left in the teabag. I either make a second cup for someone else or toss the teabag in a bottle of water and I’ll have iced peppermint or jasmine tea.

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