Annapolis-Based Record Label Snubbed Records Is Fueling People Through The Coronavirus Quarantine With Coffee And Punk Rock


When all non-essential businesses closed and people started getting laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ron Saccoccio made sure people in need were supplied with the essentials: coffee and punk rock.

Saccoccio, co-owner of Annapolis-based independent punk rock label Snubbed Records, has been shipping free bags of coffee to recently furloughed and laid-off employees. Snubbed Records is also streaming 11 albums for free on their website

“Once people started losing their jobs and you started seeing stores with empty shelves, I thought to myself ‘What if I couldn’t have coffee?’ That would be crazy,” Saccoccio said.

Snubbed Records teamed with a Connecticut-based coffee company Deadly Grounds when the label launched in 2017. The label has two Snubbed Records branded coffee, a medium roast called Punk Roast and a pumpkin flavor called Punk’n Patch. Those in need of a caffeine kick can receive a bag of their signature coffee by contacting Saccoccio at

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