In Davidson, You Can Now Order Coffee At A Bank Drive-Thru During Coronavirus


Summit Coffee Company in Davidson has found a creative way to both serve members of the community and save jobs. Beginning Saturday, March 21 at 7 a.m., coffee lovers can drive through a defunct Wells Fargo drive-thru to get a much-needed local coffee fix.

The Wells Fargo location, which closed about 2 years ago, is at 316 S. Main St. in Davidson. The pop-up will be fully operational for at least 30 days with a temporary permit, and Summit Coffee will offer a variety of hot coffee and nitro cold brew selections.

CEO and owner Brian Helfrich wrote on his Summit Coffee blog that he is choosing to open a new store during these uncertain times because he “owes it to Summit and to the customers to fight like hell to keep our doors open.”

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