Colombian-Transplant Serves Coffee To Homeless In Tampa


For nearly a month, the smell of freshly roasted coffee has filled the Hillsborough Hope parking lot on North Florida Avenue.

It’s a temporary shelter for homeless in Hillsborough County.

Jimmy Avendano and his wife, Stephanie, have been serving free cups of java to the homeless who live on property.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to serve,” said Jimmy. “I came from Colombia. I came from poverty.”

Jimmy moved to America in 1993. Sharing his love for coffee has become a regularity in Hillsborough County.

Since coronavirus has become more of a global concern, he and Stephanie felt it was the right time to inject some positivity into the Catholic Charities campus.

“Before the coffee, we’re serving dignity,” said Jimmy. “We’re not here to be glorified over this.”

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