This Café Will Custom Roast Every Cup Of Coffee


For the majority of his work life, Mike Caswell has been an industrial engineer. But more recently, he decided to pivot to coffee.

Why? Because the vast majority of coffee that people drink is actually stale.

“I wanted to disrupt the coffee industry,” 55-year-old Caswell says simply.

“It’s cheaper to store roasted coffee and just put a ‘best by’ date of six months from roasting, and assume the consumer won’t know that roasted coffee is only fresh for seven to 10 days from roasting,” the founder of Roasting Plant Coffee adds.

After that period of time, the coffee loses flavor and aroma and acquires a bitter aftertaste, all because the oils in the coffee go bad.

Research by the National Coffee Association shows millenial’s preference for freshly roasted coffee has increased hugely, with 86% saying the roast date is “very important” to them.

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