The JoGo Coffee Straw Causes a Stir On Kickstarter

JoGo, a new coffee equipment company, aims to be the final straw in on-the-go coffee consumption by providing a literal straw with a steel mesh filter at the end for drinking immersion-brewed coffee straight through the slurry.

The JoGo is a stainless steel straw with a silicone mouthpiece and a filter at the bottom designed specifically for drinking coffee, but the company says it may also be used for loose-leaf tea, pulpy juice, chunky cocktails, or other crowded drinks. It is inspired by the typical bombilla used in Latin American cultures to simultaneously drink and strain mate tea.

A Kickstarter campaign to finance the JoGo’s production met its $10,000 target in less than an hour and has now surpassed $60,000 as of this writing.

JoGo Co-Founder Nicholas Yehle told Daily Coffee News, “We are completely blown away by the success of our launch so far, and are filled with gratitude for everyone who has helped make this dream of ours a reality.”

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