From humble beginnings in Tom Boyer’s garage, Treasure Valley Coffee becomes one of the largest independent operations in Northwest

One of the nation’s largest independent convenience service operations is located in Idaho’s Treasure Valley area. Treasure Valley Coffee Inc. specialises in coffee roasting, service, full-service catering, micro markets, and the manufacturing and delivery of bottled water. Treasure Valley’s founder, Tom Boyer, died unexpectedly in an aviation crash in 2018. He left 200 people behind, including the president and CEO of the company. Despite the global pandemic of 2020, the organisation saw record sales growth in all service segments in 2019. The Lower Snake River Valley was the area’s original name until 1959, when it was “rebranded” as Treasure Valley.

TV Coffee sells over 100 different coffee types and roasts 1.5 million pounds of coffee each year. TV Coffee’s filter-pack coffee was a major selling point. To demonstrate how much oil builds up around the spray head fitting of an open brewer, Boyer taught his salespeople to clean around the spray head fitting of an open brewer. Continental Coffee Co.’s RD3 pour-over brewers, which were available with two or three burners and were renowned for their durability, were TV Coffee’s signature product. Suzanne Boyer: “He was a winning salesman because he brought joy to people with his coffee and never compromised on quality.”

Tom Boyer, a co-founder of TV Coffee, assisted in the creation of the filter pack and brewer equipment 30 years ago. After a supplier was purchased by a larger corporation, Boyer was forced to manufacture his own coffee in order to maintain standards. Because of its roasting capabilities, TV Coffee was able to provide private label coffee to other OCS operators. To meet the rising demand for bottled water, Boyer launched a pure-water bottling division in 1998. The company continues to run 16 OCS routes, mostly for companies but also for residential customers. TV Coffee expanded its vending business by purchasing a spring water company. The company’s aim is to get cashless readers installed in all of its vending machines. To complement the OCS and bottled water services, TV Coffee is launching a full-line vending service with snacks, food, and cold drinks. In 2016, the company purchased Canteen Boise, which provided vending and OCS services. According to TV Coffee’s president, the purchase helped the company plan for the acquisition of a major competitor. In April 2018, TV Coffee acquired the accounts and properties of the Canteen Boise operation. Kelly Brown noticed that micro markets could outsell vending machines. TV Coffee has around 125 locations and made a profit last year. The company’s in-house graphics department will design and print small and large labels, stickers, and signboards. According to Brown, the older business equipment that returned to the factory was refurbished and upgraded. According to Brown, the COVID-19 lockdown provided TV Coffee with a valuable transition opportunity.

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