The Best Coffee Brewing Gear for Every Type of Camper

You don’t need a lot of fancy devices, you don’t have to measure out your beans, and you don’t have to time your pour perfectly to make great coffee in the great outdoors. Excellent coffee is simple to make no matter how far off the grid you go. A cold, bitter, or flavourless morning cup of joe can also be fixed by one missing piece of camping equipment. Here are the coffee-brewing supplies you’ll need to make a better batch of camp coffee, no matter how you like it—and perfect for whatever kind of camping crew you’re feeding the necessary start to every cold day outdoors.

Best for: Keeping a Crew Fueled
With the Eureka, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee in one batch! Camp Café is a 109-dollar restaurant. A kettle, carafe, and pour-over stand are included in the kit. The bottom of the kettle has a heat exchanger that reduces the time it takes to boil water. The pour-over method needs more effort than using a percolator, but it’s well worth it. You’re less likely to burn the beans, cleanup is as simple as chucking the filter, and it’s a lot faster when camping. This is an excellent setup for car camping trips, not least because all of the components fit neatly within the pot for transportation.

Pour-Over in the Backcountry
Even when going super thin, the portable pour-overs from Kuju (from $20) are worth the weight and room, even if a Starbucks Via pack is lighter. The tea-style box doubles as a pour-over stand: simply open the package, take out the legs, place a mug on top, and pour in boiling water. Although the coffee steeps faster than a traditional pour-over, it is just as smooth and delicious as any Through we’ve tried. Kuju has a wide variety of flavours, from bold to subtle. With the starter kit, we suggest sampling the entire variety.

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