Coles now has a ‘game-changing’ coffee pod

Over the last two years, Australians’ coffee habits have shifted, with a surge in sales of at-home coffee options fueled by pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.

Coles saw a 30% increase in coffee pod sales and a 20% increase in sachet coffee as the country battled Covid-19.

And as a result, it decided to launch its own line of compostable coffee pods, making it the first major retailer in Australia to do so.

“We know how much Australians adore good coffee, and the pandemic has altered the way we drink it,” Coles general manager of groceries Leanne White told

“As flexible working becomes the norm, more people are opting for convenient, cafe-style coffee at home. With coffee pods gaining popularity, we wanted to create a way for eco-conscious customers to recycle their pods at home rather than in their landfill bin.”

Coles Urban Coffee Culture Organic compostable pods are made from bio-sourced cellulose and vegetable oils and degrade in about the same amount of time as an orange peel.

“We are constantly looking for ways to reduce problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic in Coles Own Brand products, and offering compostable coffee pods is one way to do so,” Ms White added.

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