The best self-heated coffee mugs: Don’t let that coffee get cold

“How should I brew my coffee? I enjoy a nice cup of tea that has been left out to cool “Nobody ever said that. There is a significant difference between an iced latte or cold brew and a cup of once-piping-hot coffee that has become tepid. If you’re a fan of iced coffee, your primary complaint will be that the ice melts and dilutes your cup of joe, which can be easily remedied by freezing coffee ice cubes (if you haven’t already).

On the other hand, hot coffee is a little more difficult. Because hand warmers and mug cosies do not alter the temperature of a drink as effectively as ice cubes do, there is little you can do to keep your coffee hot other than rely on vacuum-sealed thermoses like Hydro Flasks and hoping for the best. However, even the most expensive and reputable thermoses cannot guarantee that your coffee will stay warm indefinitely — the Stanley thermos, which is frequently touted as the best at retaining heat, only guarantees hot coffee for up to 24 hours.

Enter the self-heating mug, a technological advancement that enables you to reheat your coffee at any time. No need to leave your morning brew until the last minute to ensure it stays hot until you arrive at the office; self-heating mugs can be filled with liquids of any temperature and carried around for as long as necessary before turning on to heat up your drink.

Whether you want a cup of coffee that is scalding hot 10 hours after you brewed it or a cup of hot chocolate that is still warm two days into a camping trip, a self-heating cup provides the flexibility and customization necessary to meet your every drinking need. Take a look at our top recommendations below.

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