Dunkin’ Donuts Serves up Apparel, April Fool’s Day Name and Supposedly 5,000 Coffee Choices

Dunkin’ Donuts, a coffee and donut chain based in Canton, Mass., has rebranded its name to “Donuts” for a day on April 1st. The change was announced on Instagram and TikTok, with the company’s followers learning about it via the platform. The limited-run of apparel includes crewneck sweatshirts imprinted with “DONUTS” in beige, white, and Dunkin’ Donuts signature pink. The brand first favored this “Barbie”-friendly pink as part of a redesign in 1960, long before Barbiecore or Pantone released a Barbie pink.

The name Dunkin’ Donuts was hatched in 1950, two years after founder William Rosenberg had unveiled a coffee and doughnut shop outside of Boston. The name change was attributed to an executive architect who was inspired by the idea of dunking doughnuts into coffee. Dunkin’s e-commerce site requires a password to access the limited-edition apparel, which is available for $25 plus shipping and handling. The branded clothing is considerably more restricted than the affordable doughnuts, and the “DONUTS” apparel is only available to those in the U.S.

Doughnut shops have been a culinary trend in New York and other foodie-loving cities, with artisans like Dough, Doughnut Plant, Fan Fan Donuts, Bear, Doughnut Project, and Daily Provisions offering indulgence. Designers like Tom Ford and Vera Wang have shared their fondness for doughnuts publicly, with Ford reportedly claiming to eat one a day. During New York Fashion Week, some designers lace their backstage catering with doughnuts for models.

Dunkers, sinkers, crullers, or whatever you define them, doughnuts ring up an estimated $3.6 billion worth of business annually in the U.S. For a “National Donut Day” article in WWD, Dunkin’ Donuts created a one-off Chanel-inspired doughnut with a strawberry-frosted doughnut with sprinkles that was redesigned to be reminiscent of the luxury house’s signature interlocking “C’s.”

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