Cave-Themed Café, Coffee Bean Field Trip Enrich Consumption Scenarios in Yunnan

A unique coffee café in southwest China’s Yunnan Province offers a unique and unforgettable experience for coffee lovers. The café, located in the Gemstone Cave Scenic Area, Fumin County, is situated in a natural mountain cave, hundreds of meters deep. The café has become a popular place for visitors to rest, sip coffee, and spend leisure time admiring nature. Opened in October 2023, the café has gone viral on social media and attracted over 30,000 visitors each weekend and holiday.

The café is part of an immersive coffee tour of Yunnan, China’s main coffee-producing region. As the coffee industry in Yunnan attracts global attention, coffee practitioners have been exploring innovative ways to promote coffee-related tourism and cater to the fast-growing population of coffee consumers in China. Coffee shops set in manors, farms, ancient architecture, or on rooftops have all gained popularity among inquisitive tourists.

In Pu’er City, a coffee manor boasting an awe-inspiring mountain view is especially popular. Visitors can enjoy nine kinds of pour-over coffee and hands-on experience of the whole process from bean to cup with a 60-yuan ticket. A tourist from Hebei Province, north China, traveled more than 2,000 km to the Xiaowazi coffee manor in Pu’er City on the weekend.

Yunnan also integrates coffee into its history by transforming historic blocks like Daijiaxiang Street into a refurbished café serving quality coffee. The old-fashioned café features old wooden beams, stone benches, and other vintage paraphernalia, making customers feel like they are in a traditional Chinese teahouse.

These experiences have won the hearts of consumers, and more people are walking into coffee manors and special-designed coffee shops to start their own immersive, fragrant coffee journey.

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