International Delight Elevates Coffee Creations with Cold Foam Launch

International Delight has launched Cold Foam, a unique product innovation format that elevates coffee creations and brings the premium cold foam coffee shop experience home for the first time. The product allows any hot or cold coffee to quickly transform into a delicious foaming coffee shop drink in three simple steps: shake it, foam it, and sip it. This innovative product is designed to cater to the growing trend of coffee drinkers looking to recreate coffee shop-style drinks at home.

International Delight identified cold foam as an emerging trend in coffee, with over 50% of consumers looking to recreate coffee shop-style drinks at home. The company recognizes that the next generation of coffee drinkers are taking to social media for unique coffee creation inspiration and has created its innovative Cold Foam product, distinctive to both the brand and grocery shelves in Canada.

The product will be available in major Canadian retailers nationwide in April 2024, enhancing over 20 coffees with just one can. In celebration, International Delight is running a pop-up sampling activation at the Toronto Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, offering free samples of cold brew coffee with Cold Foam. Cold Foam is the latest coffee innovation from Mint, aiming to consistently deliver exciting coffee enhancing offerings that cannot be found anywhere else.

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