Accessibility-Focused Coffee Machines

Orlie has created an innovative coffee machine upgrade that replaces the factory touchscreen with oversized physical buttons, aiming to make operation easier for users with touch interaction difficulties. The upgrade uses an Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi development board to control an extension to the coffee machine, using motors and rails from a decommissioned 3D printer to manipulate a ‘finger’ that interacts with the touchscreen. A MATLAB application facilitates communication between the wireless buttons and the coffee machine. The buttons are housed in 3D-printed enclosures and feature Espressif ESP8266-based microcontrollers and battery power for seamless wireless functionality. Orlie aimed to make the machine intuitive for use, allowing users to navigate coffee options by scrolling, selecting, and resetting the menu. The industry implications include home appliance manufacturing, DIY electronics, and smart kitchen technology, which explores advancements in wireless control systems for kitchen appliances to streamline user interaction and customization.

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