La Colombe® Introduces ‘World’s Frothiest Draft Latte’

La Colombe® has announced the national availability of new 11 fl oz Draft Latte cans, which are the first product launched under Chobani leadership. The new product delivers on the growing consumer demands for cold coffee and less sugar, with the same creamy texture and smooth taste as the Draft Lattes on-tap in La Colombe cafés. The Draft Latte cans are available in Double, Triple, Mocha, Vanilla, and Caramel.

Crafting the ‘World’s Frothiest Draft Latte’ starts with using the highest quality ingredients, such as single-origin Colombian bean coffee carefully selected, roasted, and cold brewed, plus locally sourced, fresh milk. The high quality craftmanship delivers a delicious and pure experience, with 50% less sugar than typical ready-to-drink flavored coffee beverages.

La Colombe activated its partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper (“KDP”) to make this specialty coffee experience available in even more retail channels, including broader distribution in grocery and convenience stores. This innovation builds on La Colombe’s entry into the ready-to-drink coffee space in 2017, when the coffee roaster first introduced canned versions of their coffeehouse Draft Lattes on-tap in retailers. La Colombe’s ready-to-drink line has tripled in growth over the last five years and is well positioned in the rapidly accelerating cold coffee category.

The 11 fl oz Draft Latte debuts the coffee roasters new brand design, which includes an updated logo, color palette, and packaging. The new design will appear across all product and retail touchpoints. “Our new brand design reflects the heritage, craft, and passion we put into every aspect of the coffee experience,” says Kathryn O’Connor, La Colombe’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Chobani is a food maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to more people, while elevating our communities and making the world a healthier place. In support of this mission, Chobani is a purpose-driven, people-first, food-and-wellness-focused company. Following the 2023 acquisition of La Colombe, a leading coffee roaster with a shared commitment to quality, craftmanship, and impact, the Company began selling cold-pressed espresso and lattes on tap at 32 cafes, as well as Ready to Drink (RTD) coffee beverages at retail.

Chobani uses food as a force for good in the world, putting humanity first in everything it does. The company’s philanthropic efforts prioritize giving back to its communities and beyond: working to eradicate child hunger, supporting immigrants, refugees, underrepresented people, honoring veterans, and protecting the planet.

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