The Fellow Aiden Makes Coffee Good Enough for Snobs With a Single Button

The Aiden is a new coffee machine from Fellow, which offers a pour-over experience at the touch of a button. Starting at $365, it is not cheap compared to traditional drip brewers but offers an adjustable showerhead that mimics the process of a traditional pour-over. The Aiden uses a thick film Ferro Techniek heating element that delivers exact water temperatures, allowing users to adjust things like bloom time and water usage. It comes with two different baskets: a single-serve option for a slightly more nuanced product, and a batch filter for big crowds.

The Aiden’s carafe is double-walled to avoid a built-in hotplate that could potentially scorch the coffee. Users can create their own profiles or download instructions directly from participating roasters via a QR code and Fellow’s free companion app. The Aiden also features a guided brew process that walks through various settings, but users can still set programs, start a brew, and input data directly into the machine via its bright color LCD screen and large control dial.

The Aiden is easy and convenient to use, with a 1.5L reservoir and a silent heating element. Starting a batch is as simple as dumping in grounds and hitting start. The machine will remind users when they need to run a clean cycle or descale it. The Aiden also has a cold brew setting that will slowly drip water through the grounds throughout the day, instead of relying on prolonged immersion.

The Aiden comes with two different brewing baskets and a switch for changing between single-cup and batch brew functions. However, it doesn’t have a keep warm function, as most coffee lovers prefer machines with built-in hotplates. Instead, it relies on a thermal double-walled carafe to keep things warm until you can get to it.

The Aiden’s minimalist design fits under most kitchen cabinets and is designed to be easy to clean. While the Scandinavian light roast retained some subtle vanilla and hickory notes, it is not meant to replace your preferred brewing method. Instead, it provides a higher quality joe than standard drip brewers for situations where you don’t have the time or energy to make a cup yourself. Pre-sale for the Aiden is live today, with shipments expected to begin sometime this September.

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