Local Okmulgee Coffee Shops Express Concern Over Incoming Starbucks’ Impact on Business

Starbucks is under construction in Okmulgee, causing concern among local businesses. Midge and Millie’s, a locally owned coffee shop, is named after her two dogs and is run by Sarah Amador, who believes the chain could negatively impact her business. Amador hopes that local customers will continue to support both Central Perk and Midge and Millie’s, but she also fears that Starbucks may choose to open nearby.

The Central Perk Coffee Shop, located just a few miles away, is owned by Lydia Hartzog and Randy Huelster, who are confident that their loyal customers will continue to support them. Customers have expressed concerns about the impact of the chain on the community, stating that it could take safe places away from locals and cause businesses to close doors.

Both local coffee shops also contribute to the community by supporting animal shelters and youth sports. The owners urge consumers to shop small and continue supporting local businesses. The City of Okmulgee has not provided a response to NewsChannel 8’s request for a comment.

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